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Program, Abstracts and Location

Header Workshopankündigung

Day 1: Friday, 21. October 2022

13:30–14.00 Reception and Registration


Christoph Reusser (University of Zürich)

Hannah Renners (Organizing Comittee)


Session 1 "Ritual Activity and its Material Evidence"

Chair: Martin Mohr


Maik Patzelt (University of Freiburg)

"Individual Strategies towards Epiphanic Encounters in Thirdspace"

Abstract (PDF, 805 KB)

15:30–16:00 Coffee break

Birgit Öhlinger (University of Innsbruck)

"Architectural Terracotta Models and the Ritual Communication of the Local Creation of Tradition"

Abstract (PDF, 806 KB)


Thomas Dauth (University of Innsbruck)

"Ritual Abandonment in Wester Sicily: Continuity and Changes in Consciously Represented Situational Identities"

Abstract (PDF, 804 KB)


Marcella Boglione (University of Bern)

"Hemeresia hiera. Depositional Practices on the Piano del Tamburino (Himera)"

Abstract (PDF, 809 KB)

17:00–17:30 Discussion Session 1

Evening Lecture (open for public)

Natascha Sojc (University of Augsburg) PER ZOOM

With a Contribution of Alina Bell (University of Augsburg)

"Ritual Dynamics: Perspectives from the Extra-Urban Sanctuary of S. Anna (Agrigento)"


Day 2: Saturday, 22. October 2022

8:30 Door Opening


Session 2 "Sacred Space and its Architectural Framing"

Chair: Agata Guirard


Giulia Vannucci (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa) in behalf of Rita Sassu (Sapienza University Rome)

"Divine Realm and Human Needs: Some Observation on the 'Materiality' of the Sacred Space"

Abstract (PDF, 806 KB)

10:00–10:30 Coffee Break

Sabrina Fusetti (University of Zürich) CANCELLED

"Oikos=Tempel? Überlegungen zu (sakraler) Funktion des sog. Oikos auf dem Monte Iato (PA, Sizilien)"

Abstract (PDF, 807 KB)


Martin Mohr (University of Zürich)

"Das spätarchaische Gebäude K im Westquartier auf dem Monte Iato. Ein sakral konnotiertes Club- und Versammlungshaus?"

Abstract (PDF, 773 KB)


Thomas Lappi (University of Berlin)

"Rundaltäre im hellenistischen Hauskult auf Sizilien – Chronologie, Nutzung, Funktion"


Eleonora Bechi (University of Zürich)

"Il programma decorativo di un piccolo edificio a probabile destinazione sacrale dal sito di Monte Iato"

Abstract (PDF, 775 KB)

11:50–12:20 Discussion Session 2
12:20–14:00 Lunch break


Session 3 "Religion in its Urban Space"

Chair: Thomas Dauth


Marco Serino (University of Turin)

"'Anonymous' Mantle Figures, 'Sacred Houses' and Citizenship. Civic Groups and Urban Ritual Activities in the Western Greek Colonies"

Abstract (PDF, 868 KB)

15:00–15:30 Coffee break

Agata Guirard (University of Zürich)

"Applying a theoretical Concept on Archaeological Evidence: Memory and Urban Religion in the Hellenistic-Roman City of Iaitas/Ietas"

Abstract (PDF, 780 KB)


Frerich Schön – Verena Meyer (University of Tübingen)

"Tinnit, Melqart, Caesar, der Regen und ein Erdbeben – Sakralräume der punischen und römischen Zeit in Cossyra (Pantelleria)"

Abstract (PDF, 809 KB)

16:10–16:40 Discussion Session 3

Concluding Discussion

Moderation: Marcella Boglione



The workshop will be held in the building of the Institute of Archaeology (Classical Archaeology Division) of the University of Zürich, where also the Archaeological Collection of the University is located. You will find the room RAK-E-8 on the ground floor.

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