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Institut für Archäologie Prähistorische Archäologie

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Alpine Archaeology and Ecology – prehistoric settlement dynamic and ressources in the Alps


The project focuses on long time scenarios of human activity in, and impact on alpine landscapes.
Organization of settlement, structuring of space and use of ressources are major themes of the research that comprises modelling of eco-dynamic processes.
Fieldwork included the Grisons Alpine Valleys Survey in 1995-97, and a case study on archaeological and ecological interactions in the Mesolcina valley.


Dept. of Pre- and Protohistory, University of Zurich


Archäologischer Dienst Graubünden, Ufficio Beni Archeologici Trento, Service régional de l'archéologie Lyon


1995 bis 1999

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Prof. Dr. Philippe Della Casa
Projektkoordination und Auskunft