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The Roman Bronzes of Switzerland, 4. Central, Eastern, and Southern Switzerland


The planned edition incorporates more than 300 bronze figures. These are divided into different themes and originate in wide ranging sites from the aforementioned regions. This material deepens the knowledge of cultural information and gives us an overview of the scope of artistic design from provincial Roman artists.
The presentation will not be composed entirely of the classic style catalogue but also incorporate scientific research. Cooperation with the Swiss National Museum in Zurich (Laboratory for Conservation Research, under the supervision of Dr. Marie Soares) and the Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen (NEUTRA-Team, under the supervision of Dr. Eberhard Lehmann) for physical analysis of the bronzes will include N-ray radiography as well as microprobe chemical analysis.


E. Deschler-Erb, Forschungsprojekt: Die figürlichen Bronzen der Schweiz IV, Zentral-, Ost- und Südschweiz. Instrumentum 19, 2004/1, 1–25.

E. Deschler-Erb/E. Lehmann/M. Soares, "Alt heydnisch Bildlein von Ertz". Archäologie der Schweiz 27, 2004/3, 14-22.




SLM Zürich (Dr. Marie Soares), PSI Villigen (Dr. Eberhard Lehmann)


2004 bis 2006

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Prof. Dr. Philippe Della Casa
Projektkoordination und Auskunft